Bear River Awakening

The story the Bear River tells is the story of every river in the Sierra Nevada. Its history is dramatic, even cataclysmic. What happens here in the next decade may well predict the future for all Sierra waterways. Use the timeline below to learn more about a specific aspect of the Bear River story, or start with an introduction to the story. Awaken to the future of the Bear River.

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Dam Proposal Threatens Bear River

Nevada Irrigation District (NID) has proposed a new dam and reservoir on the Bear River. Proposed first in 1926 as Parker Dam, the newly proposed Centennial Dam would flood seven miles of free flowing river between Colfax and Meadow Vista.

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Bear River Watershed Trail

Imagine a trail and public access from the Headwaters (Rt 20 at Interstate 80) to Combie Reservoir (Meadow Vista).

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